Why so many people are unhappy at work, and what we can do about it

According to Gallup, a “staggering” 87% of employees worldwide are unhappy with their work.  In America, the number is 70% – which, although better, is still bad.  Even worse, these numbers have remained fairly steady over the past 16 years that Gallup has measured them, leading Gallup to call the situation “an employee engagement crisis.”  So what’s wrong, and is it possible for employees to gain a sense of higher purpose and genuine satisfaction from their work, regardless of circumstances?  Tonight we’re joined by Hugh Whelchel, a former high-tech executive; current Executive Director at The Institute of Faith, Work, and Economics; and author of the book How Then Should We Work?  Hugh joins us to talk about how focusing on the true meaning of our work, and working to contribute to the flourishing of society, leads to genuine fulfillment and satisfaction.