Providing a wealth of services to those in need across 21 Virginia counties

Catholic Charities is one of the largest charities in the US with a mission to serve those in need, promote social justice, and call the church and other people of good will to do the same.  There are more than 160 local Catholic Charities agencies nationwide that serve millions of people each year with a broad array of services - without regard to their religious, social, or economic backgrounds.  We are joined by Sally O'Dwyer, Director of Volunteers for the Arlington Diocese, and 20+ year veteran of work as a full-time servant.  Sally talks about what prompted her to begin doing this work; some of the many programs Catholic Charities offers; and some stories about the impact her organization has had.

A one-minute call to action.

The International House of Pancakes. 

The power of listening and being there for someone.  People need to be heard, recognized, and reminded that they matter.

A shout out to volunteers...

Full interview. 

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