A mother of 11 fulfills a dream at Harvard University

Allyson Reneau started college at the University of Oklahoma back in 1979, but left school after her sophomore year to start a family. Eleven children and over 30 years later, she enrolled in Harvard University and commuted 2,000 miles each way for several years on route to receiving a Master's Degree in International Studies. Aly talks about never giving up on her dream and shares stories of the rewards of pursuing the illogical when you feel called to do so.

There’s always an opportunity for a second chance. 

You’re really nothing without your friends and family.

If you don’t feel afraid, you probably aren’t growing.

Where the idea to go to Harvard came from and how a mother of 11 paid for it. 

When God calls you to do the illogical, say yes and watch what happens. 

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