Striving to end homelessness in Arlington County

The holiday season is upon us, a time not only to give thanks but also to act and share with those in need.  Tonight, we're joined by representatives from the Arlington Street People's Assistance Network, also known as A-SPAN.  Simply put, A-SPAN's mission is to end homelessness in Arlington County.  They provide life-sustaining services and secure permanent housing for their clients through outreach, building trusting/respectful relationships, and a new, first-of-its-kind Homeless Service Center.  Among other things last year, A-SPAN served 50,000 meals, sheltered over 400 people, and enabled 300 medical visits to those in need.  We're pleased to welcome Scott Miller, A-SPAN's Senior Director of Development, and Amanda Holler, A-SPAN's Manager of Volunteer Programs and Special Events. 

No one aspires to be homeless.

The importance of a "housing first" approach and reconnecting with family.

Volunteer opportunities abound and can be tailored to match your skills and desires. 

Full Scott Miller and Amanda Holler interview.  (This could take 30 seconds or so to load.)

For more information:  A-SPAN Website


Music at start and end of full interview:  Your Grace Is Enough, Chris Tomlin