Building businesses that integrate faith, work, and higher purpose

There is a lot of talk these days about building businesses that are successful while also creating social value, with organizations like Conscious Capitalism and the Shared Value Initiative leading the way.  A number of business leaders believe this is best accomplished by building what some call “kingdom businesses,” i.e., businesses that honor the Biblical doctrine of work and its higher purpose.  Today we’re joined by Kelly Leonard, the President and CEO of Taylor Leonard Corporation, a local, woman-owned training, business development, and IT consulting business.  She’s also the author of an e-book on networking; the host of the Small Business University TV program airing in Montgomery County; and a representative of Nehemiah Project Ministries, an organization dedicated to building and equipping kingdom businesses.  Kelly joins us to talk about her heart for promoting higher purpose in business and also for helping women and couples in their personal and professional lives. 

Are you operating in your higher purpose?

Looking beyond people, planet, and profitability. 

Work should be joyful, not a curse.

You can work with your spouse.

Full Kelly Leonard interview.  (This could take 30 seconds or so to load.)

For more information:  Taylor-Leonard Corp.;  Nehemiah Project International Ministries


Opening and closing music by Chris Tomlin, Your Grace Is Enough