Responding to the rise of the "nones"

We’re hearing a lot these days about the rise of the “nones,” i.e., people who check “none” on survey questions about their religious affiliation.  The “nones” are particularly prevalent among young people, with 36% of Millennials identifying as such.  Should we care about this phenomenon or just let “you do you”? 

Tonight, we’re joined by Dr. Matt Nelson, the Assistant Director of the Word on Fire Institute, an organization formed by Bishop Robert Barron to respond to the rise of the “nones” in our culture. Matt is a Doctor of Chiropractic who lives and works in Canada with his family and the author of the book Just Whatever: How to Help the Spiritually Indifferent Find Beliefs That Really Matter. Matt joins us to talk about the spiritual indifference that is increasingly prevalent in society as well as the importance of what we believe, who and what we worship, and the source of truth and authority.