Helping ex-offenders stay out of prison and succeed

The U.S. prison system is broken and badly in need of reform.  One case in point is the recidivism rate – the percentage of prisoners who return to the prison population after their release.  Despite the fact that one of the primary goals of the system is rehabilitation, one study showed that over half of the people released from prison returned within one year; two-thirds returned after three years; and three-quarters returned within five years. 

Today we’re talking to Rickey Brown, the Founder and CEO of Transitional Associates, a non-profit he established in 2014 to provide services to men, women and juveniles entering and exiting the prison system.  Rickey joins us to talk about his passion for prison reform, what he has learned working both inside and outside of the system, and his perspective on why things are broken – and how he’s working to improve them.