Intentionally developing genuine community among neighbors

About two years ago, I [Ed] experienced a major flood in my condo after a contractor triggered a sprinkler head.  As I feverishly worked to stem the flow of water and save my belongings, I was struck by the fact that only two people dove in uninvited to help – a couple from Costa Rica.  I was initially upset by this.  Then I realized I hardly knew my neighbors and, even worse, I hadn’t made the effort to get to know them.  I asked myself, would I have immediately dived in and helped one of them if they were going through the same thing?  The unfortunate answer is, probably not. 

Tonight’s guests are working to address this issue.  Mike and Michele Husfelt are part of a ministry called Apartment Life that works to develop deep relationships and a sense of community and service among neighbors in apartment complexes.  Mike is doing this in addition to his work as an Air Force Chaplain, including assignments in Afghanistan and at Arlington Cemetery.  Michele is doing it after raising five children and volunteering on military bases around the world, and while currently working at Northstar Church Network.  They join us to talk about the importance and joy of knowing and helping our neighbors.