Waging peace through relationship building and a focus on social justice

Ask people how to wage war, and they will easily give you an answer.  Ask them how to wage peace, though, and they will probably pause to think.  Waging peace, it turns out, requires as much work and energy as waging war.  It also requires a local presence and familiarity, and the willingness to sit down with people on the “other side” and really listen to and get to know them.  Today we’re joined by Reverend Doctor Clement M. Aapengnuo and Tim Sample, the co-Founders of 72 Africa, an organization committed to waging peace throughout Africa.  They join us to talk about their recent success facilitating peaceful elections in Ghana, their plans to do the same in other African nations, and the peacekeeping principles they have learned which could easily be applied to tear down walls and build bridges in the United States.