An haute couture fashion designer reveals God’s beauty

In the early 90s, a young haute couture fashion designer named Aleona Isakova became a finalist in the prestigious Nina Ricci fashion competition in Moscow.  She also became the public face and designer for a Russian company, and she appeared to be on top of the world.  But she soon found herself thinking, “Is this all there is, simply living and designing clothes?”  She would eventually have a vision of a collection of haute couture dresses that represent the story of the Bible, and a businessman she barely knew would give her a half-million dollars to bring her vision to life.  Her Beauty by God collection has since been shown in London, Jerusalem, Moscow, Australia, and America.  Aleona and her husband now live in the United States and she recently launched the Leonard Charitable Foundation, Inc. in honor of the gentlemen who so graciously funded her collection.  Aleona joins us to talk about her experiences in Russia, her personal transformation, and a fashion design competition her foundation is sponsoring to motivate talented fashion designers to create God-inspired designs to be revealed at DC Fashion Week in Washington in September 2018.  We’re also joined by Annabel Foery, the foundation’s Treasurer.