A volunteer program for retired people looking to develop a deeper faith while serving

Are you retired and looking for something to do that taps into your wealth of experience?  Are you searching for things that provide deeper meaning and fulfillment?  Maybe you're just bored and tired of the golf course or swimming pool.  If so, come listen to Joanie Coolidge, Regional Director for Ignatian Volunteer Corps (IVC), a faith-based organization that provides retired men and women with the opportunity to serve the poor, work for justice, and grow deeper in their Christian faith.  IVC provides a valuable service to non-profits by making people with lifetimes of expertise available to serve in a variety of areas.  Founded in 1995, IVC has grown to serve 17 regions in the US – including Washington, DC; Northern, VA; and Baltimore, MD.  In 2015, over 500 of their volunteers worked in more than 300 partner agencies serving over 90,000 people across the country.