A Messianic Jew and a Christian team up to promote unity in the church

America is divided on many fronts – racially, politically, socioeconomically…  There is a lot of pain, hate, anger, and polarization in our country.  We have heard many times on Grace in 30 about the importance of proximity and listening to tearing down the walls that separate us.  Tonight, we’re joined by two very different men – a Jewish man who grew up the son of hippies and went on to work as a civil servant, and a Christian man who grew up as a military brat and went on to work in education and the food service industry.  They have joined forces to provide an example of how to eliminate the barriers that separate us, starting with the age-old barrier between Jew and Gentile.  Eric Teitelman and Jed Robyn talk about the importance of intentionally bringing people of differing beliefs together and encouraging them to empathize with and love one another. 


Countering division and strife inside and outside of the church.

The Gospel has no place for disunity of any form.

The pride of putting ourselves in God’s place.


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Opening music by Chris Tomlin, Your Grace Is Enough