A Messianic Jew works to tear down boundaries between Christian denominations

Tonight’s guest, Eric Teitelman, grew up in a Jewish family in the 1960s and 70s.  His parents were hippies who lived in places like Berkeley, California and Bat Yam, Israel, and were no strangers to communes, nudist colonies, and kibbutzes.  He also watched his parents struggle through issues like mental illness, unfaithfulness, and abandonment.  Through all of the craziness, though, Eric had a vision of God as a loving father, and that knowledge made him determined to live a different kind of life than his parents.  Thirty-plus years later, Eric is a happily married family man who works as an Engineering Chief in the Fairfax County Department of Transportation.  He also volunteers his time with various local ministries including OneHeartDC, a group working to tear down the barriers that separate DC Metro area churches.  He joins us to talk about his experiences growing up, how he was able to avoid the mistakes his parents made, and OneHeartDC’s upcoming Washington Prayer Gathering on the National Mall on Saturday, September 22nd. 


The mission and focus of OneHeartDC.

September 22nd Washington Prayer Gathering 2018.

A ministry focused on the importance of Israel and the Jewish people to the Christian faith.


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For more information:  National Prayer Gathering 2018; OneHeartDC Website; House of David Ministries website                


Opening music by Chris Tomlin, Your Grace Is Enough