Creating a culture of grace

All of us have our fair share of challenges at work, including working with people we don’t get along with and perhaps don’t like.  What would you do if you found out that one of your coworkers was actively trying to get you fired?  Would you mount a counter campaign and maybe even try to get them fired?  Or would you take the high road and ignore them, letting your work speak for itself?  Is there another option?  What would you say to the idea of actively trying to make that person’s day better every day without regard to how they react – perhaps even working to get them promoted?  Does this sound ridiculous?

Today we’re joined by John McGowan, the Lead Pastor at Restoration City Church in Arlington – a four-year-old church that meets in Gunston Middle School.  John joins us to talk about the prevalence of un-grace, the importance of countering it, and what grace looks like in its most powerful form. 


Treating people well precisely when they don't deserve it.

Grace makes it safe to slow down.

Get yourself in an environment characterized by grace.


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Opening music by Chris Tomlin, Your Grace Is Enough