Back to school advice from a passionate educator

Another school year is upon us.  This is a time of excitement, hope, and new beginnings for some; and a time of stress, uncertainty, and even depression for others.  How can parents help their children navigate this time of year; and what’s the best approach for students?  Today, we’re joined by Vincent Spadoni, the principal at St. Elizabeth Catholic School in Rockville, Maryland where they educate preschool to eighth-grade students.  The Archdiocese of Washington's 2012 Principal of the Year joins us to share his advice for parents, students and educators as the school year kicks off; his passion for the academic, emotional, and spiritual well-being of his students; and how applying the teachings of the Gospel propelled St. Elizabeth towards recognition as a Blue-Ribbon School of Excellence.


Enjoy the first days of school...

The ongoing theme at St. Elizabeth.

The importance of providing a safe place for children.


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Opening music by Chris Tomlin, Your Grace Is Enough