Cancer and the biology of hope and forgiveness

Tonight we’re talking about hope in the face of cancer.  According to the latest statistics from the American Cancer Society, the risk of developing cancer in women is over 37%, and in men it’s over 42%.  Cancer has been called one of the most significant challenges in human history and will affect every one of us at one time or another.  The good news is that we’re on a path towards more rational treatments, including a better understanding of the importance of a more holistic approach that acknowledges the role of spirituality, hope, and forgiveness in healing.  Today, we’re joined by Reverend Dr. Michael Barry, the former Director of Pastoral Care at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia; and the author of four books, including A Reason for Hope and The Forgiveness Project, all of which attempt to address the spiritual needs of cancer patients at a time when their faith is both challenged and critically important.  Michael joins us to talk about his experiences and what’s truly important at such a difficult time in someone’s life. 


Advice for all cancer patients.

Advice for Christians facing cancer.

The biology of unforgiveness.

True hope has proven to be more important than medication or surgery (See The Anatomy of Hope by Harvard Medical School Professor Jerome Groopman). 


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For more information:  A Reason for Hope;  The Forgiveness Project;  A Season for HopeThe Art of Caregiving   


Opening and closing music:  Leah Mari, Bethel Music, Healer