The Army’s first Chief Technology Officer walks boldly by faith

Rick Pina was the first US-born member of his Dominican Republic family.  He grew up in Brooklyn in the 1970s, a place characterized by poverty, drugs and violence; and he joined the Army partly to escape this environment.  In August of 1995, he heard the gospel in a military chapel in Kuwait and asked God to reveal His truth to him and save him – and his life changed forever.  Rick taught his first Bible study just five months after giving his life to Christ, preached his first sermon before the end of his Kuwait deployment, and has been preaching ever since including thousands of Web devotionals.  Rick’s identity as a man of God never wavered as he rose to become the Army’s first Chief Technology Officer (CTO).  Rick joins us to talk about how he unabashedly walked by faith throughout his 25-year military career and his post-retirement ministry with his wife, Isabella. 


The closer you get to God, the less you think of yourself, and the less you look down on others.

Rick is a man of God first who just happened to be in the Army and honored to serve.

Take advantage of the opportunities the military gives you.


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For more information:  Rick and Isabella Pina Ministries WebsiteRick's Today's Word Blog


Opening and closing music by Chris Tomlin, Your Grace Is Enough