Working at the intersection of faith, farming, and feeding the poor

It's a challenge to eat healthy, especially for people with limited income.  Unhealthy food is far more readily available and less expensive than nutritious food.  Today’s guest is working to address this challenge.  Sebastian Wilbern is the founder of Brickwater Abbey, a self-described “green think tank” that is working to make healthy foods available to the poor, and do so in a way that combines faith and farming.  In its first year, his Chantilly garden produced 750 pounds of food that provided hundreds of meals for people at New Hope Fellowship, a church serving the poor and homeless in Fairfax, VA.  Sebastian joins us to talk about how he arrived at the intersection of faith, farming, and serving the less fortunate, and his plans for the future. 

A call to start a neighborhood garden, visit your local farmers market, and make your neighborhood a real neighborhood.

Everybody feels good after an hour in "God's garden." 

The impact of serving as an EMT/firefighter at a young age. 

Full interview with Sebastian Wilbern from Brickwater Abbey.  (This may take 30 seconds or so to download.)

For more information:  Brickwater Abbey Website


Opening and closing music by Chris Tomlin, Your Grace Is Enough