A soccer, poetry and community service program makes a big impact on DC schools

DC Scores is a non-profit organization serving over 2,000 low-income children in DC through an opt-in program that combines soccer, poetry, and community service.  Their model focuses on reaching children at an early age; changing the relationship between school kids, parents, teachers, schools, and the community; and making a long-lasting impact on all of these groups.  We are joined by Bethany Rubin Henderson, the Executive Director of DC Scores, who describes the program and its impact, her journey to her current role, and some advice that served her well as she made decisions about her career.  

A 60 second call to action. 

A poem by Jalia C., age 9, from Aiton Elementary School. 

A poem by Erica B., age 10, from Seaton Elementary School. 

A poem by Keshly A., age 10, from Bancroft Elementary School. 

Advice for Millennials.

Full interview.