A reset for our troubled nation - July 16 on the National Mall

Our country is in need of a reset.  We are divided on numerous fronts including politics, race, socioeconomic status, and religion.  Our government is broken, our nation is broke, and there's a rising sentiment that our country and the world are spinning out of control.  Against this backdrop, a young man named Nick Hall has sparked a movement to put Jesus Christ in the pulse of our nation.  Nick's organization (PULSE) has orchestrated a large gathering on the National Mall on Saturday, July 16th, where they are inviting Christians throughout our nation to set aside their denominational and theological differences and come together for a day of thanksgiving, prayer, and praise.  They are praying for one million people to come and have lined up an outstanding group of speakers and performers including Hillsong United, Ravi Zacharias, and DC's very own Mark Batterson from National Community Church. 

60 second call to action:  Pray for a shift in our nation, and get off the sidelines.  You're the answer to the prayer you've been praying.

A quick and urgent call for Divine intervention.

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